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Chippendale Collection TM Sterling Jewelry – Our dealers say Chippendale Collection is the best selling English line of sterling silver in the equestrian market today. They also love our dealer support program.


Equinox TM Timepieces – When we decided to add timepieces to our line of products, we wanted the features of watches retailing at $500 and up, without the hefty price. We interviewed many horologists before we found one that could meet our requirements of: Stainless Steel Cases, Water Resistant, Shock Resistant, a 5 year limited warranty and a retail price of under $100.

The best part about the warranty is that the retailer is “out of the loop” if a problem should arise. In the event that service is required, the consumer should follow the instructions on the warranty card and the retailer should not accept returns.

Original designs, durability, great value and a 5 year limited warranty make Equinox timepieces the choice of equestrians.


Pony Pixies TM - The Pony Pixies TM are presented as a quality collectible and are a distinctive gift for horse lovers of all ages.  Pony Pixies TM are a unique way to send a message, provide encouragement, or spark inspiration. Each pony comes with an original poem by Tulsa Harmon.

Zalora Equestrian Fashion Jewelry TM - When we set out to design Zalora we enlisted our customers help to develop a collection of fashion jewelry that was superior to anything in the market.

Lastly, our customers wanted jewelry with an equestrian theme that would also be attractive to the non-equestrian. We employed a top fashion jewelry design firm to design the Zalora collection.




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